natalie kucken

lost in paradise

an editorial for c-heads magazine

model is aline @ ford
styling by jaclyn bethany
hair and makeup by kristy strate
assisting by alex esposito

february 14th

for material girl magazine

styling by jaclyn bethany
hair and makeup by me
models are simona @ trump, sasha @ trump, eliska @ major, svetlana @ major, maris @ re:quest

diary 7 (january 13)

back in new york city. one of my goals when i was younger was to not have to be always waiting for the weekend, hated that mindset, but i realized lately that i have far exceeded my expectations of accomplishing that goal, i never know what day it is now. i feel like i look like i'm dead, my health choices aren't good, people keep offering me their seats like i need them on full subway trains which i haven't figured out yet. this month i spent time with the same four or five people all the time like a real person instead of meeting and barely connecting with new people every other day and then not really staying. i had a lot of sleepovers, and also think i slept more than i was awake. almost all of the photo projects i shot this month were new experiences and i'm learning more and getting more confused every day. i haven't worked as hard as i was convinced that i would, i'm trying to change that. i really love the people in my life and i'm going to try to be more present when i'm awake and see what happens.