natalie kucken

diary 6 (december 12)

i left new york city for the month, i stayed in toronto and walked around and rode the streetcars back and forth and talked to strangers mostly and had long story-telling breakfasts every morning, i stayed in rural canada and moped around and read sad poems and kept getting lost in the woods and played board games, i stayed in detroit and was back to where i was six months ago, i stayed with my grandma and never left the house full of floral prints and fake flowers and daydreamed all day, i stayed with my family and had a real christmas and all of that, i stayed way upstate in a cabin with my closest old friends and laughed all day. i couldn't keep my mind in one place, i read novel after novel and spent so much time on the road. december was an in-between and nostalgic and i started having dreams in my sleep again.


  1. Looks like you had an interesting month. You make everyday life so beautiful. I want to be able to do that as well. You are such an inspiration to me.

  2. your photos have such a distinct and dreamy style. just the kind of fashion-y, emotional shots i love.